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Natural perfume. Botanical perfume. Natural skin care. Natural incense. What do these words mean? 

​My name is Justine Crane and I am the owner and curator of The Scented Djinn, and I've been working with natural raw materials in pursuit of the answers since 1997.

​So what do those words mean? Here, at The Scented Djinn, they mean that all of my creations are made with plant essential oils, absolutes, concretes, waxes, raw resins, woods, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, clays, organic sugars, plant or flower infusions, rare flower enfleurage pomades, home distillations of hydrosol and essential oils, tinctures in organic grape alcohol, and products that are entirely free of parabens, synthetics, isolates, animal products (except for honey / beeswax) or phthalates.

I began a small natural soap company in 1997 to help fill a creative gap in my life, and because I felt there was a need for wholesome, naturally scented soaps that were packed with healthy plant-based oils like organic extra virgin olive, organic virgin coconut, and rich unrefined cocoa butter. Soap making led to creating balms and butters, balms and butters led to creating candles, candles led to creating luscious natural incense, incense led to natural perfume, and back around again.

​I am a teacher first and foremost. I currently teach an online course in natural perfumer at the Natural Perfume Academy, which is certified by the International Perfume Foundation.

​I am also a Certified Natural Perfumer with the International Perfume Foundation, an author on the subjects of natural perfume, handmade soap, and Egyptian Kyphi incense.​ I teach many in-person workshops and classes, as well as teaching a guided live online course in the art of Kyphi. I also do a fair bit of plant distillation, and frequently conduct distillation exhibitions.

​Enjoy your visit.